Ayurved India

Our Story

Based on the ideology of balancing bodily systems by using diet and herbal treatments, Ayurveda is the traditional Indian way of medicine that goes back 5000 years. Over the years these natural and herbal remedies have grown less and less popular as they are, often, complex time consuming processes that require the use of professional knowledge as well.

We, at Ayurved India, have curated these herbal treatments that are natural and effective and have been offering them in the modern and most convenient of forms since 1998.

Our philosophy believes that most bodily imbalances are weathered impacts of unhealthy eating or lifestyle practices. Thus, our products are made with the aim of neutralizing the effect of these unhealthy practices, blending in Ayurvedic remedies into people’s routines.

We understand that every individual has different needs and to cater to different individuals we have curated an actively growing product line of 50+ products to provide the best solutions for our consumers.

We follow all quality control norms, maintain the best in-class standards, follow cruelty-free manufacturing procedures and are improving constantly in order to remain best equipped to keep our ever-growing family healthy and happy, with nature.